Our core services

Process consultancy

Process consultancy

We help the client develop and implement best practices. We take time to listen, ask questions and offer a structured approach to new or fully developed ideas and projects. We then turn these thoughts into project descriptions, business plans or funding applications (i.e., FFG applications, research grants [Forschungsprämie], etc.). In the context of project management, we bring together people from various scientific backgrounds and act as “translators” who facilitate procedural and joint research. This task requires responsible and discreet handling of the client’s corporate knowledge.
Funding consultation<br>and processing

Funding consultation
and processing

FFG funding, particularly the general programs, aims to strengthen the competitiveness of start-ups and existing businesses by supporting the development of new products, services and processes with a range of generous funding models (mostly through grants but also loans). Note: In Carinthia, KWF follow-up funding is also available. The funding application process helps analyze complex plans for the future in a structured manner, both technically and commercially. Writing an application also offers a good opportunity for reflection, ideally triggering a sustainable learning process to encourage ongoing innovation. The FFG application furthermore provides the option of engaging other disciplines and industrial or scientific partners in the implementation of your project.
Research grant<br>(Forschungsprämie)

Research grant

A research grant covering 14% of all eligible periodical R&D expenses has been available for companies. However, many businesses and entrepreneurs are not aware of the fact that they are undertaking R&D activities. They consider it normal work; nevertheless, objective third parties (such as FFG) unambiguously classify these activities as R&D related. By discussing the issue and posing targeted questions, we can help you collect the necessary information about R&D that meets the definition of R&D but does not stand out as such. We are adept at making sure that this information is correctly described (i.e., according to the criteria laid down by the FFG). It is often the case that applicants fail to accurately describe the focus areas formulate them much too narrowly.
Technical engineering<br>office

Technical engineering

My second business license covers the field of consulting engineers – more precisely, a technical engineering office. I specialize in the development, planning and drafting of mechanical concepts and plants for the manufacture of products in flow or batch processing mode. Priority areas include process and production engineering as well as automation. Besides defining goals and tasks in close cooperation with the client, we discuss fundamental technical, functional and economic issues. Only then do we start to outline solution concepts, determine the most important systems and examine possible alternative solutions.
Creating a business plan

Creating a business plan

A business plan is most essential for the entrepreneur - not the banks nor the funding agencies. The process of writing a business plan forces the entrepreneur to carefully consider all aspects of his business concept, and to plan for the first three years and to strategize its implementation. Whether it’s a business launch, spin-off, cooperation (joint venture), takeover or succession, you will need to have a formal business plan whenever strategic steps have to be taken. These can be significant internally or relate to the creation of new business areas, major investments or R&D projects.
Strategy and Organization<br>Development“OD” workshop

Strategy and Organization
Development“OD” workshop

There is a proverb that says, “Talking brings people together.” And what platform could be more suitable than a workshop where people discuss defined topics and exchange ideas? Workshops are important for informing people and helping them put their heads together. It’s an opportunity to reflect not just on the good and the positive but also on the surprises, the failures and discoveries. This process helps in the generation of new perspectives on individual and common issues and in working on these with sustainability in mind. Possible workshop subjects:
• Reflection, Strategy, OD, further Development
• Innovation, R&D, Collaboration
• Strategic plannings, Investments, Challenges and Obstacles
• Interventions for people and organizations
• Competencies (in a team), new challenges, organizational development
• Communication, Conflict Resolution, Mediation
• Individual coaching
Interim management

Interim management

Looking for:
Additional professional support for restructuring and reorganization measures? On the A flexible solution to overcome specific bottlenecks?
Resources when critical resources are unavailable?
Professional experts for a specific business matter for a certain period of time? Interim management means the placement of external business experts and leaders with immediate availability within your company. These interim managers often act as CEO, CFO, or managing or technical director. We provide
• in-depth knowledge, distinct communication skills,
• strength in project implementation, and
• excellent social skills and leadership abilities. Our core competencies include technical and hierarchical management of teams, restructuring/reorganization, change management, business development, M&A and start-up guidance.
Business mediation

Business mediation

As a conflict partnership catalyst “CPC”, we support clients in resolving specific conflicts effectively. This approach focuses on both the immediate conflict and the common interests of the people involved – the Stakeholders. Under the guidance of the CPC, the parties in conflict develop solutions that are both realistic and achievable. The conflict partnership process shows that the disputing parties are connected with each other in a broader context (job situation, project, family, etc.). Successful interaction and principles of effective communication allow for the discovery of similarities and correlations to help resolve the immediate situation and improve the overall relationship.


Sociopolitical changes (demographic and resource-related development) combined with digitalization affects every person in every way. These are the principal challenges of today. We provide guidance in the structuring and implementation of your digitalization plans and generate ideas for their funding.

For IV-Carinthia, a series of workshops with practical relevance (learning from and with companies) was developed with the focus on "Digitization & Industry 4.0". The workshop series has taken place twice so far
Setting up a business

Setting up a business

When establishing a business, it is strongly advisable to seek sufficient information, exchange ideas, draft a plan and create a common platform, which allows reflection on your business idea in a structured manner. This process helps determine existing competencies and identify issues and topics that need to be assessed. In addition, potential deficiencies might become visible. Customized system landscapes and knowledge maps offer orientation and the basis for scenarios to be developed in a second phase. These include planning considerations and sketches for initial and follow-up steps that, once textualized, result in a business plan that is indispensable for convincing third parties of your business idea.