Andreas Knapp<br>Alpina Sicherheitssysteme GmbH

Andreas Knapp
Alpina Sicherheitssysteme GmbH

“Mr. Poschinger knows what he’s talking about. Drawing on his extensive technical knowledge and experience in a wide array of areas, he provides impeccable consultation to plan funding projects in a precise way and through a structured process. Mr. Poschinger is our number-one choice when it comes to the successful handling of funding projects.”
Brigitte Rumpold<br>Repuls Lichtmedizintechnik GmbH

Brigitte Rumpold
Repuls Lichtmedizintechnik GmbH

“Repuls Lichtmedizintechnik GmbH has been intensively focused on research and development for years. Our projects have been FFG funded, and the highly competent expertise of dp consult GmbH has paved the way for success in all of the projects carried out. I would also like to mention Mr. Helmut Poschinger’s exceptionally creative and visionary approach relating to the setup and management of our research projects. Thank you!”
DI(FH) Dr. Florian Salzer<br>w&p Zement GmbH

DI(FH) Dr. Florian Salzer
w&p Zement GmbH

“Helmut Poschinger is an excellent facilitator with the ability to immerse himself quickly into his clients’ projects, processes and ideas, and to support further development given his broad technical and commercial knowledge and his experience in the R&D sector. For us, Mr. Poschinger is the perfect partner for managing innovative issues and R&D projects.”

Long-standing partners

ALPINA Sicherheitssysteme GmbH, Steindorf
applord Information Technologies GmbH, St. Stefan im Gailtal
ALPINE Beteiligungen – RA Dr. Alexander Schoeller, Wien
Insolvenzverwaltung ALPINE Bau GmbH – Kanzlei Riel & Partner, Wien
Christof Industries GmbH, Graz
Christof Systems GmbH, Graz
EUDT Energie- u. Umweltdaten Treuhand GmbH, Klagenfurt
IAG Industrieanlagen u. Geräte GmbH, Ebenthal
Kraken Innovations GmbH, Graz
M-Tech GmbH, Klagenfurt
P&G Health Austria GmbH und Co. OG, Spittal
Payr Engineering und Payr Production GmbH, Patergassen
REPULS Lichtmedizintechnik GmbH, Wien
Schwing GmbH, St. Stefan im Lavanttal
SET Sustainable Energy Technologies GmbH, Klagenfurt
w&p Zement GmbH, Klagenfurt, Wietersdorf bzw Peggau

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